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COVID-19 Safety Plan (Updated November 20, 2020) – READ HERE

COVID-19 Rules and restrictions are constantly changing. We appreciate your patience while we do our best to navigate this stressful process. Until further notice there will be no spectators inside the gym. Please respect the rules of the club, the restrictions placed on us by the province of BC and understand we are doing our very best to implement these rules with the staff available. Our priority is to provide safe and fun recreational and athletic programs to children and families.

Participant Declaration of Compliance COVID 19 – GET IT HERE!

Policies and Procedures for Smithers Saltos Gymnastics Club (BVGA)

Registration and Insurance Fee:

PLEASE NOTE:  All BVGA members participating in classes or regular drop-in must be insured before taking part in gymnastics.  Insurance is paid to Gymnastics BC (GBC) and is valid from September 1st – August 31st of the following year (1-year insurance).  The fee will either be automatically placed on your account if it is your first time registering or it may be manually added to your account at a later date.

It is our policy to provide people with an account credit. 

Third Party Billing can be arranged, but must be paid before the session. A $30 administration fee will be applied to all Third Party Billing requests taking place after the session start date.

A $30 administration fee will be applied to ALL program cancellations. 

RECREATION CLASS CANCELLATIONS: 2 weeks written notice via email is required.

COMPETITIVE & PRE-COMPETITIVE (XCEL) WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawal for pre-competitive, competitive programs require 30 days written notice via email.  

COMPETITIVE MEET FEES CANCELLATIONS: Competitive meet fees must be cancelled before the cancelations deadline for each meet. Any non-refundable portion of fees paid out by the Club will be invoiced to the family. (Most meet hosts offer a partial reimbursement in the case of an illness when a doctor’s note is provided, but policies vary).

BIRTHDAY PARTY CANCELLATIONS: 5 business day written notice to receive an account credit.

NSF Fee: There is a $45.00 fee for all NSF cheques.


We hope you will have a positive experience at our gym. Here are some simple rules to keep the gym safe, clean, and smooth running. (And the coaches happy!)

  • Please be on time for your class. It is important to have a proper warm-up before doing any gymnastics skills. This is especially important for preschool-aged children as some are too shy to join in if they are late.
  • No food or drinks in the gym area. You may bring a water bottle that is labelled with your child’s name, and leave this in the designated spot.
  • Students need to wait for their coach to call them on the gym floor. (No playing on equipment while waiting for class to start).
  • Parents, please stay out of the gym area.
  • Long hair MUST be tied back into a ponytail for safety reasons. 
  • No street pants or jeans, please. Wear form-fitting t-shirts and stretchy pants/shorts, or a body suit. Gymnasts should wear bare feet.
  • No GUM or candy in the gym, please. It is hard to get off the mats and floors. 
  • Parents of preschool children: Please ask your child if they need to go to the bathroom before class.
  • Parents are responsible for their children immediately after their class is over. Our coaches will be on the floor with their next class. Please pick up your child promptly after the class is done. Our policy is to have the child wait inside the gym until you arrive.
  • Please be sure that your child leaves the gym with all of their clothing and belongings. The Lost and Found items will be donated every few weeks.
  • Parents, please refrain from having conversations with your children while they are training (unless it is absolutely necessary) as it is disruptive to the other athletes as well as the coaches


Smithers Saltos Gymnastics Club is a nonprofit organization and relies on fundraising!  All competitive and recreational athletes must contribute to the current fundraising programs in place.

The club hosts three major fundraising campaigns: Fall Session, Winter Session and Spring Session.  Fundraising campaigns vary and an email will be sent out to each family. Families can opt out of fundraising by paying a $50 fundraising fee.

Thank you for your support!

General gym rules:

Do gymnastics safely

Get your coach’s permission before getting on the equipment

Get your coach’s permission before attempting new moves

Walk from place to place

If you leave the class, tell your coach




Smithers Saltos supports Gymnastics Canada in committing to ensure that all of our participants are able to enjoy the sport in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. Ensuring that safe environment is a shared responsibility of each individual member in our gymnastics community.  Please click here for more info and resources.




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